Camelot Students Thanks Family, Friends who Served


Through songs, poems, and a speeches, students at Camelot Elementary had many ways to say thanks to veterans on Friday.

Several students brought veterans for the event; from uncles, parents, to friends, 55 veterans were in attendance.

Army veteran Frank Williams was one proud grandfather invited to the ceremony. He served in the Vietnam War and says he was honored to see what students and staff put together.

"In my generation, being a veteran wasn't something that you celebrated. Society as a whole has done a really good job of educating this generation of the importance of country, service."

Even those who are no longer with us were honored. Ethan Zimmer was eager to be on TV, but for an important reason. He says, "A couple days ago my grandpa passed away so we're representing him on the news."

Ethan's grandfather was a Navy veteran. Ethan brought his father Gordan, who is a Navy and Army veteran, to Friday's celebration.

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