Car prowling reported in Lewiston Orchards

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As temperatures rise, so do the number of cars broken into in our area. Lewiston police said they received calls about at least six cars being tampered with in the Orchards over the weekend between the 700 block of Preston and 3100 block of fourth street. One of the cars broken into had a gun stolen.

Sergeant Rick Fuentes said two teenaged boys were found near the scene and questioned. But it wasn’t proven that they were the ones responsible for the prowling. Police did cite the two young men for underage drinking but no arrests were made.

Sergeant Fuentes said summer is a prime time for these types of burglaries, but there are a few things he suggests in order to protect yourself.

Because it’s hot, a lot of people decide to crack a window in their cars to keep it cool, but if you plan to do that, first make sure there’s nothing of value inside like a wallet or even a firearm. Because sometimes thieves only take your ID or social security cards so that they can commit identity theft. If your car is tempered with, but nothing of substance is taken, still report it because it could be linked to other crimes.

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