Car prowling suspect during school shooting behind bars

car prowl suspect.JPG

Nicole Jensen faced a Spokane County judge Tuesday morning.

She's charged with two counts of Identity Theft, 3 counts of Forgery, 2 counts of Possession of Stolen Property, Theft in 2nd degree, and Theft in 3rd degree.

On September 13, the Spokane County Sheriff's Office said a 15-year old student brought guns to school and opened fire. The suspected shooter killed Sam Strahan, 15, and wounded three others.

During the panic, concerned parents parked their cars along Highway 27 and ran, some as far as a mile, to campus.

This is when investigators said Jensen and another woman, identified as Renee Mann, prowled a car and stole a purse.

The two were captured on surveillance camera using the victim's checks fradulently and stolen credit cards, racking up $36,000 in fradulent charges.

Court documents indicate Jensen admitted to being one of the people caught on camera.

Bond has been set at $50,000.

Mann is not yet in custody as of this article.

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