Caught on Camera: Juliaetta Grain Silo Breaks Apart


A historical landmark collapses, and it’s caught on camera.

"There it goes, there it goes! Holy..."

This is the Brocke Seed Company’s grain silo in Juliaetta, popping and cracking as it collapsed Tuesday afternoon around 2:00.

City of Juliaetta employee Josh Luscombe shot this video, as what started out as a small crack opened into a giant hole. Luscombe said they closed down the roads before the silo broke open.

He said that the silo was built in 1958 and had some previously repaired cracks, but it appears the structure had become worn out, allowing the side to break open and spill thousands of pounds of lentils.

No one was hurt in this incident, but comments on the video are upset that this piece of local history was damaged.

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