Changes at ROC Rescue Mission Improves Lives


The Roc Rescue Mission was the center of a debate over homelessness and shelters in the valley several months ago. Now they say after hearing the concerns of business owners and residents in north Lewiston, they've made some changes.

"Since July 15th we've had nearly 300 unique individuals come through the doors," said chairman of the Roc Rescue Mission, Gordon Gregg.

The Roc was founded on the idea of helping those in need by providing food and clothing, but they recently hit troubled waters. "We had some feedback from some of the folks in north Lewiston, where we're located. Business owners, home owners that had some negative experiences with the Roc,” said Gregg. He explained, they took that feedback seriously... And wanted to make a change. "Changes that not only would benefit not only the participants that come through the door but also out neighbors."

They've moved away from just providing materials to the people who use the Roc, and started providing resources. "What we're doing now is more case management. We're trying to learn about the individual and try to get to know them across five domains, physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual," Gregg explained.

To measure the success of the changes, Gregg contacted Lewiston Police and got a break down of 911 calls within a 2000-foot radius of the Roc. "From September of last year to December 10th of last year, there were 199 calls. This year during that same time frame, there have been 109. That's a reduction of 90 calls in that time frame, almost a decrease of 50%."

Gregg said they've changed the hours, and brought in social work interns from LCSC, to work with the people they help. He said they've seen an improvement in the lives of those who frequent the Roc.

If you would like to donate to the Roc Rescue Mission, or to volunteer… go to:

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