Charity Shopping Spree Contest Helps the Less Fortunate

shopping better.jpg

During this holiday season many people in our community are working to give back to the less fortunate. And on Tuesday one new local owner has come up with a fun way to get involved.

Members with Lewiston police, fire, and the Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office, will have a friendly competition at Grocery Outlet. It’s called the “Guns and Hoses” contest.

Grocery Outlet will give each of them a budget, and for five minutes, the officers, deputies, and firefighters will go on a shopping spree for a local non-profit or family in need.

“If you’ve never shopped with us…at the end of every transaction we tell you how much you save versus traditional grocers,” said Carlo Montelban, Grocery Outlet owner. “So that the department that has the highest saving gets a trophy and hopefully we can do this every year. Then at the end of the event they’ll deliver those groceries to their non-profit groups or their family.

The Guns and Hoses charity event will be at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, November 14. Teams of two will race through the store. The winner will be the team who saved the most, but in the end, everyone is a winner. All the groceries will be donated.

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