Charles the clown gets kids excited about learning and reading at Lewiston Library


More than 140 kids took over the children's corner at the Lewiston Library Wednesday to see Charles the clown.

And believe it or not, librarians encourage laughter and play-time in their facility. Organizers say by bringing clowns and other interactive programs get kids excited about learning and reading.

"Because when you are doing that you are actually building your early literacy skills and so kids that do that before they get to school have a much easier time learning to read when they get there," said Heather Stout, Library Assistant Director. "It's fun at the library it's not a "shh", we don't do that anymore."

The Lewiston Library has Summer Reading Programs for people of all ages. They have prizes and events for summer readers and officials say it's completely free.

To learn more about the library programs click here

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