City Addresses Concerns in North Lewiston with Federal Funding


It's a busy part of town.

With tens of thousands of people driving through every year, North Lewiston sees much of the city's traffic. But those who live and work here have been concerned about what visitors see.

Lewiston community development specialist Tanya Brocke says, "Neighbors have said, well, we're considered the bad neighborhood. And we don't want them to feel that way."

That's why this year the city set aside part of their annual community development block grant money to assist property owners with needed building rehab.

"Currently we have about $54,000 programmed for it," Brocke says, The North Lewiston Revitilization Project aims to improve the quality of the multi-use, commercial, and industrial area by helping property owners improve the look of their buildings.

Some extra funds may be on the way to help even more. "We are waiting on an action-plan amendment for an additional $30,000," Brocke says.

Community development is still taking applications for possible projects, which could include anything from repainting the outside of a business to larger maintenance projects.

The improvements will mean more than aesthetic appeal. "Safety, blighted conditions, and crime prevention," Brocke says of the real goals of the plan.

Applications are also open to private residents living in the area. "The goal is to benefit at least 70% low-moderate income persons," Brocke says of CBDG funds. "They can apply for funds to upgrade if they have a roof problem, window problem."

The hope is that a few upgrades will encourage others in the area to follow suit, leading to big reinvestment into this entrace to our city.

If you'd like to apply for these funds, you can contact Tanya Brocke at Community Development at 215 D Street, or fill out the online application here:

(Applications are still being accepted after the posted deadline.)

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