City Manager Job Offered Despite Councilor Opposition


The offer is on the table. Lewiston's new city manager could begin his new job in January.

While as of Tuesday night, Alan Nygaard hadn't officially accepted the position, Lewiston's city council approved offering him an employment contract at Monday's meeting.

However, councilor R.J. Johnson voted against the move. He said he was sure Nygaard would do a fine job, he argued language used in the job advertisement was so restrictive, no local candidate could have applied.

Johnson said, "Whether it's the CEO of Amazon or a five-star general, [they] couldn't apply for this job because of how restrictive it was in its language. I take major exception to the fact that we weren't able to reach out to local candidates. That we had to write a job description that was so exclusive."

If he accepts, Nygaard would replace current city manager Jim Bennett, who is retiring at the end of the year.

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