City of Lewiston Code Enforcement, Animal Control change to seven days a week


Last weekend Lewiston police code enforcement and animal control officers switched from five days a week to seven days a week coverage.

Officer Janie Schaefer, code enforcement, and Officer Doug Wiley, animal control, have combined forces. The two officers will be available every day from seven a.m. until five p.m.

This joining comes at a great time with warmer weather on the horizon there have been an increased number of calls about RV's and trailers parked on the roads. Also, there will be a new revision to a code that needs enforcing.

Officer Janie Schaefer was able to elaborate on this upcoming potential change." The weed season is going to be starting up and currently we have a revision of the city code in progress which should be ratified by the end of the month so we should be coming out with PSA’s sometime in April letting people know about the new code and how it will impact the city of Lewiston."

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