Clarkston High student taken into custody for threatening students

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Law enforcement took a student into custody Thursday for making a school threat against students at Clarkston High School.

Officer John Morbeck, Clarkston High’s Resource Officer, received information that the student suspect had made threats to kill other students at CHS.

He said especially with the recent school shootings that we’ve seen in our region, they have to take threats seriously.

Morbeck said they already have a standard response protocol in place. In the event of a gas leak or fire, they tell students and staff to find immediate shelter. And in an evacuation, everybody is moved to a secure part of campus.

If there is a threat outside of campus, they lock every door to keep the threat out. If a threat is on campus, they lock down the school and students are kept inside classrooms.

Officer Morbeck said these protocols are put in place for a reason.

“You just never know what can happen,” he said. “The ability for people to access firearms, to access weapons, even you know sometimes there’s explosive devices, all those kinds of things we have to take into account. That’s why we have set protocols in place throughout our school district.”

Parents at the high school can sign up for the remind app on their phones, which allows law enforcement officials to directly notify them when something happens.

No other details have been released about the investigation other than police did take that student into custody and there is no longer a threat to students or staff.

This is the third threat made to a school in one week.

On Thursday afternoon, Whitman County Sheriff’s officials said Rosalia schools were in modified lockdown after a threatening note was found.

On Monday, authorities took a student into custody after a false bomb threat at Asotin High School.

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