Clarkston Police Chief weighs in on passage of Initiative-940

Washington Initiative 940

A new law will be taking effect in Washington state concerning law enforcement training.

Initiative Measure 940 requires law enforcement to receive violence de-escalation training, mental health training, first aid certification and deadly force training.

The tally from Tuesday’s election had close to 60-percent of Washington voters wanting the Initiative passed and that includes over 50-percent of residents in Asotin County.

Clarkston Police Chief Joel Hastings said the department has already required these trainings for years.

"Everybody's been trained in de-escalation techniques, mental health, and certified first-aid,” said Chief Hastings. “We'll be waiting to see what standards are set by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission and if our current training meets those standards."

Hastings said his 20 officers are required to take de-escalation and mental health training every two years. He said the department is still waiting to see if they need to make any changes.

Those will come from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.

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