Clarkston police get extra funding to step up emphasis patrols

clarkston city council pic.jpg

Clarkston police will now be able to step up emphasis patrols, all thanks to an agreement with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

Monday night at the Clarkston City Council meeting Chief Joel Hastings explained that the agreement gives funding for extra emphasis on impaired driving, distracted driving and seat belt enforcement.

Chief Hastings said this is a way that won’t cost the department money, but will work to make the community safer.

“The thing that I like about this is that it doesn’t cost us anything and officers can go out and focus on enforcement and traffic laws,” explained Chief Hastings. “They don’t have to take calls or make arrests. They are strictly focused on traffic so it’s a little more effective.”

The agreement also provides money for the department to create an emphasis on a problem of their choice. Chief Hastings said they will most likely choose speeding.

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