Clarkston police turn to social media to identify suspects


Theft is an issue that's been plaguing Clarkston for years, according to CPD. But Clarkston Police have come up with a clever way to combat the issue, and they credit the public, for being the ones to identify the suspects.

"A lot of the major media here have about 20,000 followers, so it's a great tool to get out the picture, anything we need to get out to the public," said Detective Sergeant Bryon Denny.

Clarkston Police are using something you probably look at everyday... Social media. Taking surveillance footage from stores. And posting those imagines online, to identify a suspect. "We put it out on twitter, and then all the other agencies tweet it out from there and it usually send up on their Facebook page," said Detective Sergeant Denny.

CPD uses this tool several times a week. Detective Sergeant Denny says one store in particular is hot a bed for theft. "A majority of them are from Walmart, they have cameras so they can give us pictures. It's kind of the biggest tool that we've been using is the Walmart cases."

And so far, this has been highly successful. "We have a pretty high clearance rate; I’d say close to 80 or 90%." That means, 80-90% of cases that they put out on social media result in identifying the suspect, and either clearing, or charging them. he said their success... Will be lesson for would-be thieves. "Stop stealing at Walmart. They have hundreds of cameras in there. As people can see they're getting caught left and right. So we're pretty busy down there. Don't take the chance it's not worth it."

Detective Sergeant Denny said their use of social media has greatly increased their clearance rate for crimes like theft. They've been relying on twitter to get the images out, but it’s all thanks to the public. for identifying them.

You can find Clarkston Police on Twitter at:

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