Clarkston Residents Hold Las Vegas Shooting Vigil


It's been three days since a gunman opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 plus, and in Clarkston, two residents with ties to Las Vegas wanted to do something to show their support. Ruthie Messick and Brandon Stidham say they're heartbroken over what happened.

Their message to everyone in the LC Valley, on the Palouse, and across the country: enough is enough.

"My heart broke, and I immediately thought about my family in Vegas."

Ruthie Messick and Brandon Stidham stood out in the cold night Tuesday to pay their respects to the 59 people murdered in Las Vegas.

“We just want to show support for the families in Las Vegas. We want to show them that Idaho cares too."

They handwrote the released names of those who were killed as of Tuesday onto a piece of white poster board. The two also held candles, with small flames flickering in the darkness.

Although they weren’t near the shooting, Ruthie and Brandon still mourn for those who weren’t as fortunate.

Their message to the country now is clear.

"We don’t want any more hate. Just love."

They say they want the violence and mass shootings to stop, and they're calling for change in the country as well.

"We shouldn’t have to deal with mass shootings. We just need the country to come together and stop being divided."

For them, coming together can only start one way.

"People just coming together and helping each other, no matter their skin color, their backgrounds, we got to be there for each other. It's not that hard to work with communities and bring it back."

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