Clarkston’s crumbling sidewalks to be repaired

sidewalk better.jpg

Clarkston residents are about to see some long awaited changes right outside their front yards. The city is getting ready to improve a lot of its sidewalks.

“They’re older sidewalks, and they’re cracking, and it’s a tripping hazard, they’re dangerous for people walking and everything,” explained Charlie Barth, Clarkston homeowner. “And as you can see it’s raised, it’s a tripping hazard. It brings the property value up on it. It’s a good investment.

Charlie Barth said he doesn’t want to be held liable if someone falls and gets hurt because of the uneven sidewalk in front of his house.

He and dozens of other homeowners and businesses have been reaching out to the City of Clarkston’s Public Works director to see what their options are.

The city is currently in the bidding process for contractors.

The city will be paying for work from the curb to the street, and homeowners will be paying for the area between the curb and their home.

There’s no timetable on when those repairs will be completed, but public works has told residents they want to begin the project by May.

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