Clarkston’s Sidewalks Repair Update

house sidewwalk.jpg

Clarkston has plans to rebuild many sidewalks throughout the city in the coming months.

Many of Clarkston’s sidewalks are crumbling, and have never been rebuilt in the past four decades.

Public works has marked 58 locations that need repairs. Safety is a part of the problem because many sidewalks are uneven. But an even bigger problem is the sidewalks not being accessible to a large population.

“More than half of our grid really doesn’t meet ADA access just because mainly, probably number-one is, our lack of number of ADA ramps at intersections,” explained Kevin Poole, Clarkston Public Works Director.

Poole said bids will start on April 19 and hopes to have all sidewalk projects done in August.

Poole says this is just step one of a much larger sidewalk project public works is planning for in the coming months.

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