Closure of area around the Hanover Fire established for public safety


We begin with the latest on the Hanover Fire, burning in the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest.

Officials said it’s now grown to 5,431 acres with the fire zero-percent contained.

The fire has been burning since August first. Fire officials tell the community of Grangeville that they don’t expect the fire to be out anytime soon.

An informational meeting was held Monday night in Grangeville for people who wanted to learn more about the Hanover Fire.

At the meeting, officials from the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team who were called in to help with the fire, showed a map that put the size of the fire in perspective.

The red area is the portion that is actively burning, and the purple area is what officials have closed off to the public. Officials said the whole point of the closure is safety.

Jeff Shinn, Salmon River Ranger District said, "It comes down to public safety. We have a lot of people coming in, we've got a lot of traffic in here with the fire, we've got helicopters flying, and we've got the chance for the fire to spread as well. So we don't want people to get caught up in the fire activities or get injured by the equipment or the traffic."

The closure is limited to recreation, people who live and work in the area still allowed in and logging operations are still going on as long as officials deem them as safe.

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