Coin made in the honor of Officer Newbill who paid the ultimate sacrifice


Ten years ago this month, a gunman opened fire near the courthouse in Latah County, killing four people, before ending his own life. One of the victims killed was Moscow Police Officer Lee Newbill and now the department is remembering him in a special way.

Military, emergency responders and law enforcement have a tradition of creating “challenge coins” which are coins that carry a special significance. Moscow Police Chief, James Fry, said they are made as a symbol of pride and honor.

Police Chief Fry said, "It's just an item that we can give to other law enforcement officers, or people that in the community, when they do something special or if they're involved in a special way they get a coin so that they just know that we appreciate what they've done."

And to remember the ten years that have passed since Officer Newbill was killed in the line of duty, the Moscow Police Department created this coin in his honor.

Chief Fry knew Officer Newbill, and said this coin holds a special meaning to him and his officers, and that Newbill would be honored.

Police Chief Fry said, "He would understand significance of the coin, I think he would be honored by the fact that we would hold him such high regard, that we would you know, actually make a coin after him."

Chief Fry said that Officer Newbill knew the danger of the situation he ran into the day he was killed, and that shows his level of bravery and his dedication to serve and protect his community.

Chief Fry said his department gave Officer Newbill’s family 40 of the coins for them to keep and share with those who knew and loved him.

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