Commissioners Approve Resolution to Expand, Improve Southway Boat Ramp

southway boat pic.jpg

Nez Perce County Commissioners have approved a resolution that expands and improves Southway access boat ramp on the Snake River.

Commissioners said this ramp is necessary because of the amount of people who use this area in the summer. On average 150 people per day utilize the ramp during the summer months. And officials say a ramp at the current size just doesn’t make sense.

The ramp is more than big enough for one boat, but its only mid-March right now.

Nez Perce County Commissioner Doug Havens said come July, there could be as many as ten times as many boats at one given time and with the current 73-foot ramp, he said it isn’t sensible to allow summer recreation.

“No, it’s a good project, waterways has been trying to get this done for a while, so it’ll be a big improvement to that boat launch area down there,” said Havens. “And there’s some concrete work that has to be done down there also, and that’s part of this grant.”

The grant is a $140,000 grant to pay for the improvements. The cost of the ramp will fall just under that amount.

Officials expect to begin construction on the ramp soon, and hope to have it completed by June so it’s ready for summer.

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