Community-Funded Reward for Info on Orofino Threats


Orofino Junior-Senior High School is earning a reputation - but it's not one Orofino Police Chief Jeff Wilson or students want.

Chief Wilson says, "We've had a difficult school year this year. We've had four bomb threats."

Four bomb threats plus another threat made in mid-October via social media threatening a school shooting. That brings the total to five since August.

"So in this short two-and-a-half months we've had more of that activity than we ever do."

Chief Wilson says the threats are disruptive not only for students and staff, it's taking up valuable police time.

Besides responding to inital threats, they've spent several man-hours going over video footage, conducting interviews, and working with school staff to solve these cases.

"Technically all five of those cases are still open and under investigation," he adds.

Two of those threats occurred just this week. Now even those outside the police force are working to figure out who's responsible.

"Community members, parents of students and some school staff members have all pitched in and made some donations towards a reward. They will give that reward to anybody that provides information that leads to a conviction," Chief Wilson explains.

He's proud of the community's efforts and says through open communication and an understanding of just how serious these crimes really are, they'll hopefully see a resolution.

"I think working together is really how we're going to solve this and then ultimately cure the problem. With everybody getting on the same page together and working towards a common goal."

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