Court documents outline criminal case against Chad Bramlet


A man known in the LC Valley for his country music is now in trouble with the law. Tuesday,

Chad Bramlet's attorney and the prosecutor met behind closed doors to discuss his case. KLEW News obtained court documents that outlined what police say happened on November 23rd.

On the night of November 23rd he had a run in with the law. Lewiston Police were dispatched to 14th street for a "mental subject." According to court documents... Bramlet's wife called police saying he was going through other people's property and she watched him kick in the door of an unknown apartment and enter the residence.

When police arrived on scene, Bramlet was reportedly running down the street. The document states he was uncooperative and did not obey commands. The officer said Bramlet stated "he had been to the mountain top and he has seen the father."

He was placed in hand cuffs. Then officers found the apartment he had entered. A woman was inside extremely distraught and crying. She told officers Bramlet entered her room and pushed her onto the bed, he said "he just wanted to kiss her." The woman said she fought him off and got him out of her apartment.

Bramlet is charged with battery, unlawful entry and malicious injury to property.

The documents state Bramlet's wife told police that he had been in the hospital earlier that day for manic type behavior ... And that he admitted to taking methamphetamine.

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