Crackdown on Non-Compliant Sex Offenders Results in Nine Arrests


Just hours after his picture was posted, William Enick was arrested thanks to an anonymous tip. He was one of several sex offenders the Nez Perce County Sheriff's Office is focusing on locating.

Levi lupe, last known address in Culdesac is another. Same with Michael Vallee. And Dennis White.

All have warrants out for their arrest as part of the sheriff office's harder stance on non-compliant sex offenders.

Corporal Nick Woods says, "In September our agency took a hard look at the sex offender program and what we realized is that a lot of time was being spent with our civil deputy up front keeping track of these individuals."

The majority of that time, he says, was spent playing phone tag trying to get sex offenders to register.

Cpl. Woods says, "Essentially there's three requirements for registration: where you live, where you work, and what you drive. You don't comply, you can end up with a felony charge."

So five months ago, they put their foot down. Individuals who fail to comply with the law are no longer receiving a "polite reminder." They're also using the power of social media to help reel in those fugitives. They've completed around 35 investigations so far.

Cpl. Woods says, "September 12th, I believe we had about 162 sex offenders. Since that date, we have eight people that have been arrested. We have two state warrants."

The percentage of those 162 offenders who aren't complying is low, but the sheriff's office is working to get it even lower - with your help.

So if you see Levi Lupe, Michael Vallee, or Dennis White, give the sheriff's office a call.

Cpl. Woods says, "We're not trying to ruin these peoples' lives, we just want them to play by the rules. If they don't, then we come knocking."

There are many reasons someone could fail to comply. Corporal Woods says some are homeless and don't have an address to verify, while others are staying somewhere they shouldn't. Others, he says, simply forget to do their paperwork.

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