Culdesac Teacher Validated Through Grant after Life-Threatening Injury


It's been kept under wraps for weeks, and Wednesday, a Culdesac School teacher has been given a $4,200 grant from CenturyLink to use for her robotics class. But Dr. Julia Moore's past five months have had a whirlwind of events, from slippery roads, to now validation for what she does.

"I am overwhelmingly excited. Knowing that I get to further my program," says Moore.

She was given a surprise visit by CenturyLink Wednesday to give her a grant to use for her robotics class, and the money will be used for things necessary in her class.

"3D printers, a couple of 3D printers, and a vacuum former, and that will help us just open door for the students to learn those types of things," she says.

It'll save time from Dr. Moore going online herself to find items, and like most teachers know, it'll save her money as well.

"Most of the time, I take money out of my pocket, and the school pays me back, but I have to do it upfront," says Moore.

Wednesday was an exciting for Moore, but rewind back to January 17, 2018, and her life was in a much different state.

"I was in a car accident on January 17th. On Highway 12. I hit some black ice," says Moore.

She was airlifted to Spokane with a broken pelvis and a broken forearm. But she wasn't out of commission for long.

"That was January 17th and I was back in the classroom by February 12th."

School staff say from her hospital bed Moore was still working. It's because of how much she cares for her students.

"If they can learn to think outside of the box at a lower level, then if they're excited about it, then they can further their education into it and maybe that's what they'll do for a living."

For her, after a crash that could’ve ended her life, the grant let's her know she's right where she belongs in the classroom.

“Getting the grant validates the fact that this is where I'm supposed to be and this is what I'm supposed to be doing and these are the students I'm supposed to be helping."

Moore says she still hasn't completely recovered from the crash yet, but she can't wait to start working with new robotics equipment.

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