Detectives hoping "Cold Valley" turns cold cases warm

    Christina White, Brandi Miller, Kristina Nelson, Kristin David, and Steven Pearsall all have either gone missing or were found dead around the LC Valley in the 1970s and 1980s.

    LEWISTON, ID- A two part Investigation Discovery series is opening a new eye on five homicides and disappearances in the LC Valley. The show "Cold Valley" follows around detective Jackie Nichols' search for answers.

    This coming April marks 40 years since Christina White went missing in Asotin. Her whereabouts are unknown, and her body has never been found. But now, detectives hope the show could turn the cold case warm.

    The show aired each of the past two Thursdays.

    "They did a lot of research, they would talk to me. They would talk to other professionals," said detective Jackie Nichols.

    It follows her while investigating the disappearances and homicides in the 1970s and 1980s of Christina White, Kristin David, Brandi Miller, Kristina Nelson, and Steven Pearsall.

    Nichols says the investigation took precedence over the entertainment vale of the show. "Cold Valley" crews followed her on and off for two years. And the show was different than most.

    "A lot of things that they followed me along and did on the show were the first time I had done those things."

    Nichols feels it could dig up some answers.

    "In watching the show it sparks old memories and things in people."

    She says multiple calls have come into her office since the two part series aired.

    "There's been a lot of interesting information and some of it could turn out to be very helpful."

    Evidence is currently either being tested, or waiting to be sent to crime labs.

    "DNA is degraded. So these are all long shots. But they're still all possibilities," says Nichols.

    But the detective says DNA is the best bet for solving the cases.

    "I think ultimately I'd like to have answers. Of course I'd like to hold someone accountable, and I'd like for there to be justice. But I don't know if you can truly have justice in a case that's this cold."

    Nichols says she is encouraged by where the cold cases are heading.

    "I'm hoping it's within my lifetime and I'm hoping it's within the lifetime of the suspect. But I do think eventually the answers will be found."

    To watch "Cold Valley," you can go to Investigation Discovery's website.

    If you have any information on any of the five missing or deceased persons, contact Detective Jackie Nichols at (509) 758-2331.

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