Disturbing discovery inside the bathroom at Southway Boat Launch

southway bathroom.jpg

A disturbing find at the Southway boat launch. Police say someone found syringes hidden inside one of the bathrooms.

Lewiston Police said it’s difficult to determine if the syringes were used to shoot up illegal drugs, or if they were for a legitimate medical reason. However, the fact that the needles were left in a public place, poses a safety hazard for the rest of us.

According to the police report the syringes were found in the bathroom on the toilet paper dispenser. The person who made the discovery did the right thing and called police right away for proper disposal.

As far as tracking down the person who used the needles last, police said it’s almost impossible. And that includes why needles aren’t sent in and tested for DNA or fingerprints. There’s rarely any evidence left inside or on the needles, and it’s difficult for police to determine what they were used for in the first place. In order words, sending every single needle off to get tested for DNA or fingerprints would waste your tax dollars.

LPD Lieutenant Klone said, “Unfortunately it is not cost effective, and it may not even be a crime that we're investigating at that point. So in the interest of not spending, and wasting taxpayer dollars, we just simply can't afford to send in every needle that’s found."

Lieutenant Klone said if you come across needles, the best option is to call it in to the police so they can safely dispose of them.

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