Drinking water restored for Juliaetta residents

drinking water.jpg

Water for residents in Juliaetta is now on for all residents, but some people may still have to boil before they drink.

Tuesday, city officials said the reservoirs are slowing filling up. A broken waterline across the Potlatch River started draining the city reservoirs two days ago. The city’s higher elevations saw decreased water pressure and no water on Sunday.

The water is currently back on and tanks are being refilled. City maintenance crews said there could be a slight discoloration for some time due to sediments and chlorine. They say the color is harmless and completely normal. Some residents who experienced loss in water pressure have also been placed under a recommended boil water advisory.

“We specified in the boil order 72 hours, but we still have to get the test results back before we can release the boil order. But water has been restored,” said Juliaetta city maintenance crew. The city adds those who didn’t receive a boil notice do not need to boil water.

The line across Potlatch River will be repaired later this year when the river levels are lower.

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