Drone footage of Fleshman Way Interchange Project gives different perspective

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The Fleshman Way Interchange Project is about 85% complete according to Asotin County Public Works Director, Dustin Johnson. Now he is getting to see the progress from a whole new perspective.

"It's a whole new perspective," said Johnson.

Travis Knox of Knox Concrete, shot drone footage that gives a totally different perspective on the progress of the Fleshman Way Interchange Project, one that Johnson isn't used to seeing. "You're used to seeing it from the ground and when you see it from the air it's really cool to see," said Johnson.

Using drone footage allows for the people involved with the project to see the progress from the planning stage to the final touches. "When you look at engineering drawings you see it from the perspective of a drone, but when you're building it,” he said,” you’re standing there and it doesn't really look like the drawings unless you get perspective. And having that drone footage really gives you that perspective of completely different from anything you're used to seeing."

Now the project is about 85 percent done. "We are under budget and ahead of schedule right now, but that, one bad day could change that right now." And this week they began the final touches, which includes pouring concrete.

"So this is the most delicate, most expensive, most stressful part of the project," said Johnson.

They are hoping to have round-a-bout up and running in the second week in September.

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