Drug Arrest in Tekoa


Authorities arrest a suspected drug dealer who they say operated out of a home in the small town of Tekoa, Washington.

Tekoa is in east Whitman County where highways 274 and 27 meet near the Idaho border.

Whitman County Sheriff's Deputies found 14 grams of packaged methamphetamine, 24 grams of packaged heroine and twenty-three hundred dollars in cash after serving a search warrant in a Tekoa home early Saturday morning.

"We believe that location was a fairly decent source of heroine for the northern part of Whitman county," said Whitman County Sheriff Brett Myers.

Deputies had been provided information by officers with the Coeur d'alene Tribal Police earlier in the evening about possible drug trafficking here.

That information along with information from other sources was enough for authorities to apply for search warrant and look for Kristan Condon.

Condon's 8 month old child was taken into protective custody and later placed in the care of Condon's parents in Tensed Idaho.

For the community it was shocking at first but the believe it's something that's always been lurking in the town.

"Ehen I first lived here and I found out about the drug activity it was surprising but I’ve lived here and at night when I’m closing you see some weird stuff at 1 o'clock in the morning. It is surprising because it's such a small quiet down but there's not much to do so that's what people are finding to do," said Bianca a community member.

For Sheriff Brett Myers he says unfortunately it's becoming more and more common to see illegal drugs in small communities.

"So it's troubling it's concerning and it's not only impacting those people lives but it's impacting the citizens in that community lives as well," said Sheriff Myers.

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