Elk River mayor up against a recall vote for alleged misconduct

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    The mayor of Elk River is up for a recall vote after being accused of a number of public safety issues, including a complaint of inappropriately conducting himself in public.

    Six complaints were listed against the mayor and now he’s disputing every single allegation in a sit down exclusive.

    Dave Brown is one year into his four-year term as the mayor of Elk River. But now it’s in jeopardy because of a recall petition with six filed grievances.

    "65 registered last time, 59 voted and now we know that because this has been going on since September a lot of people have registered that weren't registered before and we know there are at least 15 to 20 more registered voters,” Brown said.

    The recall election on Tuesday stems from claims of inappropriate conduct. One claims the mayor was intoxicated in public and bragged about it.

    Brown said the incident stems from a four wheeling trip and a conversation with the owner of the Log Inn.

    "I was explaining to the owner we're running an hour late and he said too many beer stops and I said a couple too many apparently,” Brown said.

    The mayor said it was a joke.

    The next claim says the mayor loaned out city equipment without permission. Brown argues a resolution adopted by the city gives him the right to do so.

    He’s also been accused of saying, doesn’t want police presence in town, and not contacting the sheriff for extra patrols like voters wanted.

    "I raised our budget 30 percent with the Clearwater Sheriff's department,” said Brown.

    It’s to pay for extra patrols.

    When a water main broke on Second Street flooding basements, Brown said he responded to the scene quickly.

    "I came back the second day,” he said.

    The petition says the issue sat unresolved.

    Brown claims he had the water diverted.

    "To divert the water within the week then it took several weeks to get back to it until the snow and ice calmed down,” said Brown.

    The petition also says Brown has forbidden an employee from attending city council meetings.

    Brown says he only needs one public works employee to give a report and would prefer the other be working on projects not sitting in a meeting.

    Another issue claims mold is growing in a city rental house. The claim says the mayor was hiding it from council.

    Brown says he found out about the mold two days prior to a city council meeting and then announced it.

    The vote will be certified Monday the 18th.

    If Mayor Brown doesn’t stay in office, the city council can appoint any registered voter or city council member to take Brown’s place.

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