Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center officially opens

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A special dedication ceremony was held Thursday night to officially open the Elson S. Floyd Multicultural Center on the Washington State University Pullman campus.

The center is a symbol of inclusivity for students.

The late Doctor Elson S. Floyd’s wife was there. Carmento Floyd said the center does an exceptional job of upholding what her husband stood for in his time as WSU’s president.

Along the main entrance to the center reads: “The earth is the mother of all people and all people should have equal rights upon it.”

Assistant Vice President of Student Services Lucila Loera said that message is what the WSU community strives for and will hopefully accomplish now that the center is open.

“I think one of the frameworks we operate from is that everybody has dignity, and that everybody should be respected equally. I think that’s been one of the common pillars that I’ve been thinking about is being part of the community and being part of the Pullman and WSU community,” she explained.

Loera said one of the main goals for the cultural center is to welcome in all types of thoughts at an institute of higher education, no matter if all or just some students agree with them.

She also said the multicultural center’s placement at the entrance to campus is to make all people who step foot on campus feel welcomed and safe.

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