Emergency 911 dispatch centers flooded with non-emergency situations

LEWISTON, ID - 911 is for emergencies only. Common knowledge for many, but Idaho State Police are finding out not everyone knows that.

Dispatch centers in Idaho have been getting bogged down by calls regarding the location of the General Electric megaload shipment.
I.S.P. Captain Lonnie Richardson said megaload calls and other non-emergency calls are not a reason to dial 911. He said those types of calls take away from those in real emergency situations.

"If you're going to use the 911 system that is designed explicitly for emergencies calls only," said Richardson. "When 911 is answering calls for non-emergency then that could mean that an emergency call is delayed in the answering process."

If you'd like information on the travels of the megaloads, Idaho State Police provide updates and safety reminders through twitter. Locally
the non-emergency number for Idaho State Police is 208-799-5144 or on your mobile device just dial *i-s-p.
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