Evergreen Love Stories


For Valentine's Day, we asked three couples at Evergreen Estates in Clarkston to tell us their love story.

"That's a funny story, " Clarence Taylor says. "We met in 1941. My girlfriend and I went to this dance. While we were there, she introduced me to Betty."

Betty adds, "We've been married for 74 years."

Gene Neff and Gery Anderson met just over two years ago while living at Evergreen Estates. "I guess we just met in the dining room a couple of times and in the hallways."

Gene says he was a little flirty, giving Gery a special wave. "She stuck her hand out and says, 'How are you?' and I said I'm good and for some reason I put my arm around her and says, 'I'm better.'"

Companions Gertrude Stachofsky and Earl Cooper also met at the assisted living facility. "I heard something wrong with the plumbing. I went into the bathroom and it wasn't my plumbing." His investigation led him next door, where he met Gertrude and they ended up talking for hours.

Clarence says the secret to being happily married for 70+ years is, "Find out whose going to be the boss and the man should learn to say yes dear."

Gene adds that he and Gery always take care of one another. "If she happens to be sick to the point she can't make it down for dinner, I'll bring her dinner up to her."

Gertrude and Earl started a breakfast tradition after meeting one another the first time - a tradition they've kept for three years. They've added on lunch and dinner, too. "It's just nice to have a real friend," Earl says, giving Gertrude a smooch.

Betty says she likes to take every day as it comes. "I don't think about tomorrow, I'm just thankful I have him now." "I wouldn't know what to do without her," her husband adds.

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