Exclusive: First look at body camera footage of Pullman fraternity arson

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    Body cam footage from a Pullman Police Officer shows the moment they arrived.

    Fraternity brothers already suspecting the nature of the fire.

    "It's arson they lite it around the whole house, we had three fires all around the house,” said one Theta Chi Fraternity Brother.

    The officer goes around the house and finds another fire in a box on the side of the house.

    "We have a secondary fire, “said Pullman fire fighter Patrick Demories.

    This matches the statement Isaac DePaolo said to Pullman Police in the Affidavit of Probable Cause.

    He admitted he set the porch behind the fraternity on fire using a match he found and a box but that's wasn't all.

    The officer's body cam video shows the front of house where a 3rd fire was lit.

    In Whitman County court Friday morning, the nineteen year old Cheney man entered his plea.

    "What is your plea to count one of the information arson in the first degree a class a felony what is your plea to that charge, “asked Judge Libey.

    "Not guilty," said DePaolo.

    According to court documents DePaolo is a former Eastern Washington State University student who was angry about being kicked out a fraternity party on WSU’s Greek row.

    But he also says he doesn't remember because he was intoxicated.

    The trial date has been set for December 17th.

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