Fake Bills Found in Lewiston Not Counterfeit, Legal to Possess


Over the weekend, someone turned in about $2,800 worth of fake bills to authorities.

The fake money was found on the ground and is now being held as Lewiston Police investigate.

The bills may look pretty convincing, but there are telltale signs that this money is fake: Chinese writing. Evidence custodian, Suzann Banks, said the coloring and blue strip on the front are also signs it’s not real.

This money is not counterfeit, and you may be surprised to know it’s actually perfectly legal to possess. You can buy bundles of this fake cash on the Internet for less than $5.00.

The various websites described them as prop money for the movies, TV, video productions, music videos, photography, cashier training, or other similar activities. There is also a disclaimer that says due to legal restrictions, each bill has markings to signify that it is not legal tender and has no working holograms or security features.

While it’s completely legal to have this fake money, it’s illegal to try to pass it off as real at businesses. It appears as if someone tried to do just that, possibly with one of these fake bills.

Lewiston Police are still investigating.

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