Fallout from government shutdown delays Hells Gate Marina dredging

    The dredging window is only until March 31.

    Fallout from the January government shutdown is still being felt in the LC Valley as dredging Hell’s Gate Marina is going to have to wait until December of this year.

    Dredging, or the removal of silt buildup takes place usually at the beginning of the year to do the least amount of harm to fish.

    Due to the government shutdown, the National Marine Fisheries Services were closed and with less than three weeks left in the month of March, that doesn’t leave enough time to fully do the job.

    “Our dredge window was only until the 31st of March and we decided that the 19 days was not enough to complete the job in a suitable fashion and so my supervisors decided we would put this dredging off until this coming December,” said Charlie Chase, Hells Gate State Park Manager.

    The boat launching area and the entrance to the Snake River are fine. There is plenty of room to pilot your boat onto the Snake River.

    It’s just the marina that will need dredging this December.

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