Feed the Foodbank: Help needy families celebrate Thanksgiving

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We are about two weeks away from Thanksgiving, but this time of year, there will be families who may not be celebrating with a holiday meal. However, you can help change that.

The Idaho Foodbank has started their 3rd Annual Feed the Foodbank” food and fund drive, which is scheduled to run through next Thursday the 15th.

The branch manager for Idaho Foodbank said especially during the holidays some families struggle with putting a holiday meal on the table.

We also spoke with the young lady who explained why she started this campaign three years ago.

“During the holiday season, we know that food supply is low and food insecurities need to be met,” said Chelsea Blewett, Office Manager “Well-Connected.”

“So, the holidays are a time where we might encounter an additional medical bill or our car breaks down. those type of things are really difficult for many families to be able to pay those bills and have the spending money that they need,” said N. Central Idaho Branch Manager, Deborah Snyder.

That turns into paying bills first, and not buying food.

This year’s campaign has 17 businesses participating, including the P1FCU branches and offices on Southway, Warner, and the Warner Administration Building.

Idaho Foodbank works with local agencies to provide food for families in our five-county region. The goal is to raise 300,000 meals.

Another food drive you see happening right now is for the Community Action Foodbank.

This non-profit agency is holding a Turkey Drive through the 16 to try to help their clients celebrate Thanksgiving with a holiday meal. They’re accepting turkey donations and all the trimmings, and/or cash.

Community Action is located on New Sixth Street in downtown Lewiston.

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