Fire Officials Anticipate an Explosive Fire Season


With fire season here officials are saying it could be a bad one. KLEW News Reporter Kaila Lafferty has some steps you can take to protect your home and property.

This year our region had a cold, wet and long winterand that is now playing into why we might be seeing a lot of fire activity this summer.

"It has the potential of being you know, an explosive fire year,” said Asotin Co. Fire Dist. #1 Chief Noel Hardin.

And that is because of all the snow and rain we had. It caused a lot of growth in our greenery.

"It's grown a lot of fuel, a lot of the cheat grasses, the rye grasses, any of those tall weeds that are out there,” said Fire Chief Hardin. “We're seeing some the rye grasses that are over six feet tall, which I've never really seen before."

And those weeds and grasses are one of the reasons we might seeing an active fire season.

"So what it's done, is we have a lot more fuel on ground, so it's just now turning, there's some that are already cured and dried out, which will make for an interesting fire season,” said Fire Chief Hardin.

But there is something you can do to protect your home.

Fire Chief Hardin said, "What you want to do is look at protecting your home, do you have a defensible space around your home?"

Defensible space is taking away flammable materials, like dried grasses, weeds and piles of wood, for at least 20 feet around your home.

For reference, this is how long a foot is. This is what it looks like to be 20 feet away, so that's how far your defensible space would need to be.

"You really need to look at the perimeter of your property, and make sure it's down, you're gonna help us help you, be keeping those grasses down,” said Fire Chief Hardin.

Chief Hardin said there are other ways to prevent fires, an example, keeping water nearby if you’re going to be working with anything that could cause a spark, like using a saw, or even mowing your lawn.

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