Fire officials determine electrical fire was from overloaded sump pump

Pullman Fire Department safety tips.

An electrical fire broke out in Pullman on southwest Center Street Tuesday night. Now fire officials are putting out a safety message.

According to the fire department, the Sunnyside Hill residence fire started underneath the home. When fire crews arrived, smoke was coming from the crawl space. The fire was extinguished by pouring water through vent windows under the home.

There was no damage to the residence.

The fire department ventilated the home of smoke and the occupants were able to return to their home that evening.

Deputy Fire Marshal, Tony Nuttman, determined the cause of the fire was from the sump pump located in the crawl space. Nuttman said the cause is an accidental electrical fire.

"Put the fire out it was just a small little fire underneath the house in the sump pump and we checked out the sump pump and it's just a piece of equipment that had too much amps running through it and burnt it up,” Nuttman said.

Nuttman said the department has seen a rise in electrical fires when winter comes around.

Some safety tips from Pullman Fire are if you are using a portable heater, plug the device directly into a wall outlet not an extension cord or even a power-strip. If you are going to use a power strip make sure to use one with a surge protector. Make sure the power strip is UL approved and try to avoid using extension cords.

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