Five-Year-Old "Fighter" Doing Well after being Hit by Car

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Shortly after 3:30 Thursday afternoon, chaos in Clarkston after a five-year-old girl was hit by a car.

Jacob Robles, the girl's uncle, watched the frightening scene unfold, "She literally got sucked under. Looked like a ragdoll."

He says she was playing at a friend's home on 10th and Poplar when she stepped out from behind a parked car. She was dragged about 15 feet after being hit just steps from where her uncle watched.

"I literally just took two steps, leaped over and got down on my hands and knees, holding her hand trying to keep her calm," he says.

Boy Scout experience helped him keep his composure, but something else played into his niece's survival.

"I felt this touch over my body and I looked beside me and I see an angel right there. Angels do exist. It was a blessing right there because I knew everything was going to be ok," Robles recounts.

The little girl was rushed to Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, then flown to Spokane. Robles says she has some head injuries and will require surgery, but she's alive.

"I feel 100. I'm still a little shooken up by it but you just gotta have a little bit of faith. You have that faith, everythings gonna be all good."

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