Flashing lights at crosswalks confuse motorists at two busy intersections in Lewiston

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City of Lewiston Public Works has been receiving complaints about two crosswalks at the intersections of 18th Avenue and 17th Street, and 18th Avenue and 8th Street.

These two spots have rectangular rapid flashing beacons, or RRFB’s to alert drivers that someone is crossing. But citizens have expressed concern that drivers aren’t stopping, even when the lights are flashing. just like we caught here when I was crossing this afternoon.

Both of these devices are fairly new, the 17th Street one has only been there around a year. Alannah Bailey with Lewiston Public Works says that may have something to do with this problem.

"I think it must be a lack of understanding about what they're supposed to do as they come up on it,” said Bailey. “I would think you would notice the lights, but they don't know what they're supposed to do."

Bailey says drivers should stop before the crosswalk when the lights are flashing, and only proceed when the pedestrians have safely crossed.

And remember, Idaho state law says every corner and intersection is considered a crosswalk, and you could face fines if you don’t stop for people crossing whether the area is marked or not.

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