Former city council candidate: dropping out was right thing to do


The candidate who dropped out of the running for a seat on the Lewiston City Council explained why Wednesday.

KLEW News reached out to Greg Follett for answers as to why he decided to withdraw from the race and his reaction to being ousted by the Lewiston City Council from the Historical Preservation Commission.

In an emailed statement, he said "in light of the negative publicity in recent media" he decided it would be best for him to stop actively campaigning.

His stepping aside, he said, was in the best interest of everyone but it wasn't something he wanted to do.

That negative news Follett is referring to is an incident in 2016, which stemmed from a police report where Lewiston officers pulled Follett's car over during a stakeout of a suspected drug dealer.

Follett had an eigth of an ounce of cocaine on him, but was never arrested nor charged because he helped build the case against the defendant.

In the newspaper article, Follett told the reporter the arrest a non-issue.

Councilmember Jesse Maldonado called for his resignation from the race.

And on Monday, the city council voted to remove him from the Historic Preservation Commission.

Follett's name remains on the absentee ballots.

Candidates had until September 23rd to withdraw.

A spokesperson for the City of Lewiston said all commissioners are appointed by city council, and commissioners can also be removed by city council.

Mayor Jim Kleeburg and Councilor Randal voted against removing Follett from the Historic Preservation Commission.

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