Free clinic stays open thanks to Tri-State Hospital

clinic best.jpg

Our region’s only free clinic announced they will continue to keep running. Earlier this year, officials at the Snake River Community Clinic said they unexpectedly lost its 17-year-old medication budget.

Thanks to Tri-State Memorial Hospital, SRCC will continue service for our local uninsured, medically needy. The clinic sees over 11,000 patients. Officials say the loss of medications was a serious blow and compromised the comprehensive care they’ve been able to provide for nearly two decades.

Charlotte Ash, Executive Director said, “We were very lucky yesterday (Monday) – Tri-State Memorial Hospital stepped in and picked up the baton where it was left off and made our future a lot brighter.”

The Snake River Community Clinic will be able to provide medications while staff can write grants and ask for donations for other programs and services.

The clinic is located inside the Idaho Public Health Department building in Lewiston.

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