Going the Extra Mile for Disabled American Veterans


A local program that helps out our nation's heroes needs your help.

The Lewiston chapter of Disabled American Veterans is looking for people to go the extra mile.

The DAV helps former servicemembers with their benefits, assists veterans in dealing with other agencies, and connects them to lifelong care. However, one of their biggest missions is making sure disabled veterans can get from point A to point B.

The national DAV organizaton provides over 600,000 rides, and our local chapter transports disabled veterans to appointments at Spokane's VA Center every Wednesday and Friday.

Commander Robert Whitlock says they just bought a new van, but now they need volunteers to take the wheel and go the extra mile. "We have had like five or six drivers at one time and it was a lot easier on everybody," Whitlock says, "We've reached a low and we need to build back our resources. The biggest thing is if somebody's sitting around and want to do something and help a veteran...they can't drive anymore or some of the older guys, they've outlived their families and they don't have anybody to take care of them, we make sure they get up to their appointments at the VA Center in Spokane."

To become a DAV volunteer driver, you'll need to pass a physical and have a clean driving record. If you're interested, contact Jeannie Kyle at (509) 434-7019 or the Lewiston chapter of the DAV at (208) 553-6523.

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