Grammy Nominated Country Music Artist Ty Herndon helps others find a voice

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In 2014, Grammy nominated country music star Ty Herndon publically came out as gay but to him, having the title of a gay man doesn’t matter.

“Being able to say I’m an out and proud gay man in country music, I just like to say I’m a man,” he said.

Knowing the country music landscape well, Ty knew not all of his fans would be content with his coming out. But he knew to live as who he wanted to be, he needed to tell the world who he really was.

“Being in country music, I wasn’t sure that I would get to continue a career in country music,” he explained. “Which was fine, I came to a place in my life where I wanted to be as authentic as possible and live in this body with the most success for me.”

But Ty’s journey to coming out wasn’t easy. He admits he went through times where he contemplated his life.

“For me it was drugs and alcohol, I went down a path of almost losing my life to some pretty harsh times with drugs,” Ty said, “It was a medicine for me, and I don’t want that to be a medicine for any kid.”

And now, he wants to share his story with people like himself.

“When I hear a 14-year-old kid that just got kicked out of their home, their church, their community for being grave enough to come out to their parents and their community, it really makes me mad. I stand up for those kids today and say you’re not broken.”

Not being broken, he says, may be difficult at times, but being comfortable with who you are will make everything easier to live.

“I think there’s everything right with being gay,” explained Ty. “There’s everything right with being straight. There’s everything right with being who you are and being the best possible person you can be on this planet. Knowing who you are and the body, the bones, the flood, the guts that you were born into.”

Ty’s life is country music but he knows his mission in life is to share this message with all LGBTQ people.

“You’re not broken. You’re made beautifully and perfectly in the eyes of God. You have one responsibility with that and that’s to go out on this planet, because this planet’s in tough shape. Go out into this earth and be an amazing beautiful person on this planet. Continue educating people with your beautiful story.”

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