Granite Point Clean-up Efforts after Vandalism


Over 20 students have gathered at Granite Point today (Thursday) to help undo the vandalism of over 300 students.

Commonly known as the Cliffs, this is a popular college hang out spot and a community campsite.

But on May 2nd, the Army Corps of Engineers shut it down after finding it trashed with hundreds of pounds of garbage left behind.

"Well it’s devastating first of all, this is a natural area so you're not supposed to have fires up there let alone glass," said Lisa Rothier Park Ranger. "It’s just not good to have 300 plus people on a place that is natural area it destroys the vegetation."

Officials estimate 300 to 500 people partied that night. The clean-up process has taken five days so far. Two of those days were spent chipping graffiti off the rocks, Only the small things are left, picking up broken shards of glass can be the most tedious and time consuming so they asked for help.

Students for Washington State University, University of Idaho and community members came out to help with the clean-up.

To try and prevent this from happening again the rangers are changing their schedules.

"We'll be working into the night now so definitely more patrols in the area coming up,” said Rothier.

According to Park Rangers Granite Point will not re-open until it is entirely cleaned up. They are hoping to open this weekend but the official decision has yet to be made. It the spot does re-open expect heavy patrols.

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