Green Apple Project: Helping Children with Autism


A local organization is working to provide support and care for people and families affected by autism.

The Green Apple Project has been around for two years now, and the whole idea is to create a supportive atmosphere for families with a child who has autism. They have support groups but also help provide services like occupational therapy and social events like sensory friendly movies. All-in-all, an effort to help bring the community together.

“To bring parents together, and professionals together, caregivers together to just talk and share knowledge," said Suzanna Johnson-Rodger, co- founder of the Green Apple Project. "We have services if children do better in a clinic one-on-one, there's clinic options. If families do best with their families at home we have home based options here," said pediatric therapist, Jamie Larsen.

November 15 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lewiston Library. Larsen with other professionals are holding an educational presentation about the services they provide for families in our region.

All the information is catered towards helping children with autism.

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