Grey Horn Owl nesting along Bryden Canyon Road


Many of us have driven along Bryden Canyon Road. But that rare sight we're talking about, is an owl that's nested in the wall.

Experts at the Idaho Fish and Game Department have identified the owl as a Grey Horn Owl, based on the white markings on the chest in the shape of a "t".

You could possibly see two horns behind the ears if you use binoculars.

We're told this owl is a female and has a couple of chicks in her nest. However, this isn't the first owl to nest in the area.

We spoke with Bill Seybold at the Idaho Fish and Game Department and he said any tampering with the owl is illegal.

"All birds of prey are protected in Idaho, and nationwide, and I believe all of them are protected under the National Migratory Bird Treaty Act. If anybody were to cause harm to the bird we would pursue that and take legal action against them."

We can expect the owl to be with us for the coming months. It really could be a new sign of spring with these chicks being born and these warmer temperatures. The owl can be seen from the pedestrian walkway with or without binoculars.

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