Heat Stroke versus Heat Exhaustion: What are the Symptoms


With these extreme temperatures heat exhaustion and heat stroke can come into play.

We spoke with Clarkston Fire Department Captain Jim Babino who's been a paramedic for 20 years.

He told us when it comes to heat stroke the body temperature continues to rise but the person can't sweat. This makes their skin dry and hot they might even be unconscious. Remedies for both of these conditions are the same. Get the person out of the heat, cool them down with running water or ice packs.

Babino said heat exhaustion is very common this time of year.

"People are sometimes sweating profusely they're also recognizing symptoms such as cramping or light headedness or fainting sometimes their nauseated sometimes there could be vomiting as well," said Babino.

Seniors and children are at a greater risk because of their ages.

If you think you or a loved could be suffering from a heat-related illness don't hesitate to call for medical help.

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