Heated Exchange at Nez Perce Co. Airport Authority Board Meeting


A heated meeting for the Lewiston Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority, as members of the public slammed the board for a decision made at their last meeting.

At the January 3rd meeting the board voted 3 -2 to take the chairman seat away from Jim Finley.

Finley argues this, and that they didn't allow public comment was a move that did not go by the books.

The room was packed with members of the public eager to share their opinions on the last airport authority meeting. It began with public comment. "I am absolutely ashamed by the unprofessional remarks made by some members of the board and the actions made by the airport manager and staff. It's time to start acting like adults," said DeAnn Scrabeck, with the Friends of the Airport group. "I would hope that you people as a board and management and staff can work in a positive direction. And if you can't then I hope that you all resign and let the county nominate new people,” said Rich Rodgers. “It just real frustrating to see how dysfunctional, this group is right now, and that's why most of us are here, is because we care about this airport," said Gary Peters.

At the last meeting the board voted to take the chairman seat away from Jim Finley.

Finley says Idaho code says this is not allowed and adds cutting off public comment is hindering the public’s right to give an opinion. "I fully believe we have violated public meeting laws. I personally believe that whole meeting was out of order," said Former Chairman Jim Finley.

Even with the public comment the board decided to nominate Emmett McCormick for the chairman position. Finley was quick to react. "Under Idaho code 74-208, I will pursue all legal remedies to me. You will have 14 days to respond before I contact the county prosecutor.”

With that comment the board still voted McCormick into the chairman seat.

The meeting went into executive session. And when they returned they announced that board member Pat Nuxoll, who represents the citizen at large, had resigned from his position.

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